How to recover form a bad day in 5 minutes.

Everyone had bad days. We spend our time worrying in self-pity over minor setbacks, rejections and unfairness of life. Every minute you spend in, it affects your Productivity and happiness. We can redirect that time towards our passion, relationships and growth. Everyone have their own setback triggers (things that send you into depression state.) These triggers makes you wonder how you ever get throughout the day without something good happens to you.

So You Have A Bad Day, Now What?

There is a natural feeling of Gloom, that hits us when an outbreak or our expectations disappoints us.

It becomes more difficult when we totally get into negative state. It eats us from inside and distract us from our purpose, mission and even day-to-day life. That kind of situation leads to an unproductive and unhappy life,

This is how i recover when i had a bad day.

Time heals everything, let the time heal you – take a few hours of sleep, do some exercises or talk with someone who loves you, understands you and actually cares for you!

Identify Your Triggers.

What triggers you to get into a negative state of mind? Everyone have different triggers like if someone criticize you or don’t respect you. Your Trigger may differ. These triggers makes us think about disappointment, anger or eats you from inside. There is only one quick escape.

Change your perspective and try not to think about those things, try to remember all those good days you ever had!

Write About It.

Let your mind get free by writing it on a piece of paper. Give frustration a way out. On these kinda days my subconscious mind make me get to my laptop and start typing on my keyboard about all the negativity in my head and it works for me, i think it will also work for you too…

Psychologists says writing is an effective way to fight with depression. It allow you to get a clear image of what the problem is and to take control over them. It also help to change your perceptive.

Writing helps you to be more creative and put you in problem solving mode (A great topic for another article). it make your thoughts connect with each other and putting your brain into a flow. it also help you to find peace, to cool off. To Download the frustration, put it in a box and throw it away.

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