Do this 1 in the morning to build A POWERFUL self-esteem

BUILD YOUR SELF-ESTEEM – Excessive Ego – opposite of healthy confidence.

When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we try to look for evidence that we are better than someone else, and we only feel like we are better. That’s not good, because it’s not real.

Yup this is what most people do.

This is what most people do – instead of actually feeling good about ourselves, we try to prove our “Hard Work” to other people and this triggers the feeling of self-satisfaction we carve.

But there is a way to build self-esteem (Genuine Confidence), and you can start it doing every day! Is that’s easy…?

Yeah That’s EASY!

Here’s the list of sentences you should write every day – This is not a list of reasons why you’re better than someone or why someone should like you. This Helps you to build your SELF-ESTEEM

  • “I Finished my school, and that in itself a big accomplishment that i don’t give myself enough credit for. “
  • “I am working from home, which is great in many ways.”
  • “I like what i wear because it makes me feel like me.”
  • “I know my work very well and i always stay on top of that And i am proud of that.”

Wake up everyday and look for reasons that you should feel good about yourself. This is the actual proof and experience that help you build a Strong self belief.

You need to proof yourself that you can do anything, you’re living the life you want, you have come really far in this journey and you are feeling good today! When you don’t do this you may end up lost in your excessive ego and desperately trying how to feel good.

The truth is that over time, everything normalizes — even our greatest accomplishments.The Truth is overtime everything normalizes

You should always remind yourself who are and what can you do, how powerful you are.

We must feel good about ourselves first.

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