Achieve More In Less Time! (A Friendly Guide)

There are lots of People in this world, some achieve their goals at early stage and some take years and even decades to achieve their dreams / Goals!

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between them…?

The most common difference they have is the people who are able to achieve their dreams / Goals at early stage they read alot compared to who takes years to achieve theri dreams / Goals.

Looking back, i realized that i wasn’t a slow learner. I wasn’t just curious enough. This is how most people are. Most of the people don’t try to actively seek new ideas or to solve things differently, Instead, they spend most of their time in trying figure things from their own.

In Order to achieve more things in less time we have to cut out the thing that takes longest time which is learning, now to cut out the learning curve we need to minimize the number of mistakes we are going to make, The ultimate solution is “WE NEED TO READ ALOT”

Why we need to read alot..?

The Reason is – From reading you will get different perspective of a single situation and you will make less mistakes which allows you to cut the longest time in your journey. Reading books and articles from different people who have already done what you are trying to do will definately cut the learning curve by months, years or even decades for you.

Be crystal clear about what you are trying to achieve in your life, there are two ways of achieving them: There’s a long path and there is a short part.

The long path is the result of not being a someone who actively seek new ideas and try to solve things from different perspective. It’s kind of penalty for not being a reader, a penalty of trying things from trial and fix method.

Save yourself the time and effort and here’s saying of a great man named “Socrates”

“Employ Your Time In Improving Yourself By Other Men’s Writings, So That You Shall Gain Easily What Others Have Labored For.”


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