4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself More Often! (Part 1)

These 4 questions can completely change your life. Questioning is the sign of intellegence!

1. What thing in this situation is under my control?

Sometimes we think that everything is under control but the reality is very little is actually under our control. Many people think that this is a problem, but if you focus on things that you can control, you’ll realize it’s a strength. Why? Because it’s only by focusing on things that you can control like your reaction on difficult situations.

2. What things you’re avoiding contantly?

The irony is we avoid the things that we must do. Perhaps you need to join a Yoga Classes, eat healthy, spend more time with loved ones. It’s easier for us to avoid the hard things instead of making them our priority and try to comlete them asap. By avoiding it the task is not complted it will come back evrytime untill you finish it. Most of the time we know what to do but, instead comeleting them we avoid it.

3. What Would A Successfull Person Think About This?

We easily get caught in this busy world and it’s very difficult to see the situation from a wider oint of view. Tht’s why this question is so powerful. It allows us to take the perspective of others. Next time you’re stuck, insted of seeing the forest from a worms view, take the perspective of a Eagle (Mentor / Successfull person) and you’ll be able to see the entire forest.

Note : You don’t have to personally know your mentor. Many of mine are dead hundread of years ago and most of them are from books!

4. Does This Contribute In My Goals?

Not everyone on this planet have goals, so you can reframe this question in your way.

  • “Does this align with my values?”
  • “Does this contribute with my purpose in life?”
  • “Does this contribute in my lomg term missions?”

People often do things that are not contibuting a thing in their values, goals, and Mission. there can be many reasons for this, but most of the time it’s because they simly don’t ask themeselves ths question.

The Next time you’re doing something make sure they add some values to your goals, missions or purpose of your life.

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