3 Things you can learn, That will improve your productivity!

Time is free, But at the same time it is Priceless!

You Might have Multiple responsibilities and things to do every day, but being “Productive” and being “Busy” is not same.

In this article i am going to share 4 things that i had done to improve my Productivity!

How to Priorities.

you can’t achieve anything in life if you’re not clear about exactly what you want. Having a goal pushes you to do something.

Yogi Berra Once Said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there,” You can’t achieve it without having priorities in your life. Priorities are something that you actually want to do while working at office or in your personal life.

Every successful and effective people know what to do, when to do it. And the main helps them to achieve their goals is, knowing how to priorities their goals and how priorities affect the success of your life.

Now the best solution or you can say to better priorities you goals, fast go and grab a pen and a piece of paper and list down the following – 1. Your Most Important Goals. 2. The less important goals than most important goals and separate them, then order them by importance of each goal in your life and finally add the estimated time of completion of your goal.

Name it “Success List”, says Gary Keller, author of “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results”.

Gary Explains :

“Long hours spent checking off a to-do list and ending the day with a full trash can and a clean desk are not virtuous and have nothing to do with success.Instead of a to-do list, you need a success list — a list that is purposefully created around extraordinary results. To-do lists tend to be long; success lists are short. One pulls you in all directions; the other aims you in a specific direction. One is a disorganized directory and the other is an organized directive. If a list isn’t built around success, then that’s not where it takes you. If your to-do list contains everything, then it’s probably taking you everywhere but where you really want to go.”

How To Get Everything Out Of Your Head.

Never rely on your memory.

It’s funny but, it will fail you when you need it most.

What you can do is Write things down everyday: There are for taking notes. You can find hundreds of them like old sticky notes to applications like Evernote, any.do, and wunderlist.

By Writing down everything you will have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and set priorities accoringly.

How to focus on one thing at a time.

The ability to focus is considered as under valued skill. Single-tasking is much better. Single-tasking forces you to sustain your focus.

You can increase your productivity by 2-5x, if you focus on simgle task at a time with little or no distraction.

When we have a 1 clear priority with any given deadline, single-tasking is the best way to get things done in less time. While Single tasking you can achieve more in less time with less stress.

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